We build cars. Fast ones. Generally on impossible schedules with a level of technical complexity and competence that is unmatched short of professional race teams with million dollar budgets. Usually it all goes well.

In a nutshell, if it has wheels and an engine, yes, we do that. We specialize in the preparation of race and rally cars for long distance endurance applications, as well as the full gambit of exotic and special interest vehicle modification, repair and customization. We also handle vintage and special interest vehicles, some of which number in the single digits in the US.

Need a forced induction system for anything from a Lambo or Ferrari to a Viper or Supra? We can do it. Want a long range fuel cell to increase your rally range by a few hundred miles? Not a problem. Or perhaps you'd like something simple like a completely custom embedded electronics system running everything from long range cellular data to live video broadcasts. Well, we do that too.

Our cars have been featured everywhere from local race tracks to cross-country international rallies such as the Gumball 3000 and BullRun. We offer old school customer service and attention to detail, unlike just about everyone in the business these days, and are known for going to extreme lengths to ensure our customers leave with a smile, and return with one.

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