You name it, we do it. In particular, though:

Complete Custom Fabrication

We fabricate everything from exhaust systems to complete race car chassis. Whether it's a simple aluminum intercooler, or a chromoly roll bar you'll be trusting your life to, we can build it to perfection.

Fuel System Development

Whether you need an auxiliary fuel cell to safely increase range, or a triple-pump system to support 1,500+ horsepower, chances are we've been there and done that many times over. We use the best fuel cells in the business (ATL) and can produce custom shapes and sizes to fit any application.

EFI Tuning

We're able to tune just about anything, whether you just want to unlock a few horsepower on an otherwise stock car, or need something that can run 12 cylinders with sequential fuel and ignition, we can do it. We support AEM, EFI Technologies, MoTeC, Map ECU, Autronic, HP tuners, SCT, Cobb, and many others.

Forced Induction Systems

Everything from simple bolt on supercharger systems to full blown custom multi-turbo setups, we have the experience to build it as it should be built, minimize lag, manage heat, and create something that doesn't come with a book of things not to do. Whether it's a Lamborghini or a twenty year old import, if it needs boost, we can do it. We also have extensive experience with vintage forced induction applications including mechanical fuel injection (Renault R5 Turbo, early Porsche, etc).

Custom Electronics

Everything from electronic countermeasures to one-off embedded electronic systems to run a car full of technology, if you can dream it, we can build it. We've got a decade of experience putting all manner of electronics into race and rally cars, including active aerodynamic systems, VHF/UHF scanners and radios, 3G/4G cellular communications, satellite communications, local area comms, packet radio, Wifi, active control of cooling systems, iPad/iPhone integration and many, many other applications.

Vehicle Tracking and Security

Whether you're interested in an off the shelf tracking solution, or a completely un-jammable, un-defeatable intrusion and recovery system for a seven-figure supercar, we can handle it. If it doesn't exist on the market, which is often the case, we can build something from scratch.

Race and Rally Prep

Whether you need simple maintenance or a complete, end to end inspection and restoration on a new purchase, we do it right the first time. We support all major manufacturers for braking systems, suspension, electrical, chassis components, fluid cooling, thermal management and aerodynamics. We specialize in ludicrously fast turnarounds for last minute jobs. In some cases we've prepared cars on the same day they were do to be shipped out for a given rally. No, that isn't cheap, but yes, we can do it.

Historic Vehicle Support

Many of our customers bring us some really weird stuff that either exists only in very small numbers in the US, or doesn't exist at all. Renault, TVR, McLaren, Lister, Citroën, vintage Ferrari, Lambo and Porsche, basically every Lotus ever made, vintage Toyota rally and race cars, and even weird, obscure little Japanese market Kei cars-- we've done it before, and can do it again should you have one of these rare machines in your stable.